Cook Legacy makes Fish Screens that are

Our wedge wire is TIG-welded for durability. This method of construction is stronger under static and dynamic loads than resistance-welded wedge wire. Click "TOUGH" for more information about TIG-welded wedge wire.


Fish screen projects must adhere to precise tolerances. In-house, we have state-of- the-art equipment to shape wire, weld screens, and form metal. We have 40 combined years of designing and building fish barrier screens.


Every job begins with our clear understanding of your project. We then build a 3D model that supports quality fabrication and project planning. We will work with you through the project to ensure a system that is easy to install in the field. Our national network of sales representatives gives clients a local contact assuring smooth and easy communication. Click "VERSATILE" to contact a representative.

Fish Screens

To find out more about Fish screens or TIG-welded wedge wire, please visit our Resources page.
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