Intake Systems - Municipal

Large Intake Screen
Cook Legacy intake systems are especially suited to municipal water facilities. Cook Legacy Intake Screens are designed for the site specific need.  Some screen companies view screens as parts which can be mass produced. Cook Legacy recognizes that an effective screen design requires attention to the site specific requirements, biology, water quality, and environment.

Marysville Airburst
For a reservoir in Marysville, OH, Cook Legacy developed an eight screen manifold and AirBurst System. The system included head loss tracking, water level monitoring, and eight valve airburst, a guide rail system, and antifouling protecting with Jacquelyn™ Coating.
San Marcos Airburst
In San Marcos, TX, Cook Legacy designed and built a custom air supply for use as both plant air and an AirBurst System. We built a custom test rig to confirm burst performance as a fully operational system because the project shipped as subassemblies rather than a whole unit.

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