How does Jacquelyn Coating Work?

The human eye sees a submerged surface as a non-moving, static thing. The view from a microscopic level is much different. Within an area spanning only fractions of thousandths of an inch, there is a dynamic process of the motion of molecules as they are pulled from the material surface into the water, and then return to the material - an "action region." The process of dissolution (molecules leaving the material) is fueled by the polarization of the water molecule - the same phenomenon that causes water to be held in by an invisible "skin" when a glass is filled too full.

Jacquelyn Coating is a patented material designed to maintain a low rate of dissolution while maintaining the dynamic motion of copper molecules within the "action region." As such, the surface of a Jacquelyn Coated object will remain free of zebra mussel settling while the water surrounding a coated object will remain environmentally safe.

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